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Stop! You're Cleaning Your Car Headlights Wrong!

1. Introduction.
2. Protective tools and supplies for how to clean car headlights.
3. Procedures for how to clean the car headlights.
4. How to clean the inside of a car’s headlight.
5. Conclusion.

Riding with poor headlights is dangerous for everyone on the road, especially at nighttimes. Additionally, because the likelihood of accidents increases this way, it is hazardous for other vehicles and pedestrians. They also detract from a car's appearance and are completely ugly too. Your headlight lenses might've turned yellow, grown dirty or fogged as time passed, or could have been harmed by local parasites and insects. Therefore, you need to clean them. This blog post will advise how to clean car headlights thoroughly and get those dim lights working again. You ought to be able to properly know how to clean car headlights. One of the simplest ways to revitalize your headlights and make your old vehicle look fresh is to give them a good shine. Continue reading this site to learn more about how to clean car headlights.

Protective tools and supplies for how to clean car headlights

It would help if you first had a few tools for your safety before reading the section on how to clean headlights on a car. Remember that your top priority should always be safety when working with machinery. When you start cleaning your vehicle, specific supplies and tools are necessary for your protection. When you are out there washing your car's headlights, you need to take this aspect seriously because it is quite crucial. In the section below, we list a few of the tools that are essential to cleaning the foggy headlights of any vehicle:

  1. Sandpaper
  2. Headlight restoration kit
  3. Water and soap
  4. Spray water bottle
  5. A bucket
  6. Polisher
  7. Polish and wax
  8. At least three microfiber towels
  9. Lint-free paper towels

You must have the following supplies when you decide to clean your car's headlights.

  1. Sleeve clothing that can cover your full hands.
  2. A ventilator or a mask to filter harmful stuff out.
  3. Safety glasses for your eye protection are essential.
  4. Gloves and not just any glove. You will need mechanic gloves.
  5. Procedures for how to clean the car headlights.

If you are wondering how to clean car headlight glass, it mostly depends on the intensity of discoloration. A simple procedure is all you will require if you wish to perform tasks on headlights with little oxidation or discoloration. It is advised to cover off the area surrounding the headlights when using the headlight restoration kit and to give the supplied cushions a brief dip in water. Each headlight is subjected to this numerous times until they are once cleaner. However heavy discoloration is much harder to clean, and repeated use of sandpaper might help. When your car is up for a roadworthiness inspection, your headlights must be in perfect operating order. For further information, see our previous what is checked in a roadworthy certificate qld blog section.

How to clean car headlights: steps to follow

You need to follow certain steps when you attempt to clean your headlights. For your knowledge, we are going to share these steps. We are confident that when you try to clean your how to clean car headlights, you will find these car-cleaning tips very helpful.

how do cover and clean up your headlights part?

With the help of water and soap, clean the plastic headlight lens assembly that covers the bulbs. Pay particular heed to any imperfections in the exterior. Bug remains, and other debris that may have become entrenched in the surface.

Pat dry your lenses completely

To safeguard your automobile's paint while you're sanding and polishing, tape the regions around the lenses.

Sanding part on how to clean car headlights

  1. Spray some water onto a piece of 1000-grit sandpaper through the spray bottle.
  2. Spray water all over the lens to completely moisten it.
  3. The lens should be moist while rubbed with the moistened sandpaper to prevent damage from dry sanding. Spray the lens with more water as needed.
  4. Keep going for 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Use a microfiber towel to clean the lens. Then again, water sprays it.
  6. Do the sanding procedure with 2000-grit sandpaper that has been dampened, misting the lens with water as needed. Go on for another five minutes.
  7. The lens should be cleaned using a microfiber cloth.
  8. With 3000-grit sandpaper, perform the soaking and sanding procedure for at least five minutes.
  9. Thoroughly fresh and dry the lens.

The entire procedure should be repeated with the second headlight glass too.

Waxing and shining part of how to clean car headlights
fresh microfiber towel or pad, pour some polish.
Massage the polish into the glass in a circular motion carefully.
If the lens appears transparent, you will realize you are finished.
Like how you would wax the remainder of the automobile, wax the lens as well.

How to clean the inside of a car's headlight?

When clients try to clean their car headlights independently without assistance from a professional, they frequently have questions like how to clean car headlights inside. When your car is in for Mobile Roadworthy Brisbane, the headlights must be cleaned thoroughly. For a better understanding, we advise you to read when you need a roadworthy certificate in detail, our previously published blog post.

  1. Screwdriver.
  2. Two magnets.
  3. A pail of hot water.
  4. A clean cloth.
  5. Toothpaste or washing powder.

Cloth technique for how to clean the car headlights inside:
Lift the bonnet and raise it.
It would be best if you got to the headlights to wash them, so you ought to raise the bonnet and pop it open. You now remove the screwdriver and unscrew the lights' bolts. Make sure you get rid of the correct screws because, based on the model of the car, they could have different functions. To avoid losing the screws, detach the lid and lay it away.

Get the cleaning liquid ready

You can see the lens after taking off the cover. You generate your cleaning liquid at this point. By combining it with warmer water, you may ensure that your detergent has enough lather. To combat deterioration inside headlights, toothpaste is helpful.

Cleaning the headlight lens

Next, you wash the lens by dipping your cleaning cloth into the liquid. Be cautious when cleaning the lens; if you apply too much effort, you risk breaking or scratching it. As you remove the dust accumulation, utilize the cleaning cloth repeatedly. You can check for aging traces after it appears clean because your toothpaste will remove them. You liberally coat the lens with toothpaste and leave it there briefly. Then, using the same delicately, you rinse it off.


After cleaning it, you must wait for it to dry before reassembling it. Please keep it in a shaded area and give it a few moments to dry. Before screwing it again, wipe it down with a fresh, clean dried cloth.

Magnet technique for cleaning inside the headlight of a car

When using the magnetic headlight cleanup technique, you cover the magnets with two soft garments or shawls. One magnet should be placed within the headlamp through a holding tool, and the other magnet should be utilized to direct it. The covering will remove the dirt and filth of the magnet as you rotate it, returning it pristine. Following cleaning, extract the magnet using the holding tool.

Not only for roadworthy purposes, the headlight is also checked when someone puts their car on sale. Every component, including the headlight, is carefully inspected during a pre-purchase inspection. Check out our blog on how to buy a used car if you are thinking about purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

We hope that you are aware of how to clean car headlights. If you opt to do it yourself, follow the detailed instructions in our blog post on how to clean the car headlights step-by-step. Contact us at your earliest convenience if you have any more questions; we will do our best to address them.



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