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How Long Do Car Tyres Last?

As we are all aware, nothing lasts forever, including tyres. It would help if you delved deeper to learn about tyres to understand their longevity. Typically, an individual is more worried about a car than the tyres. In general, people don't give tyres much thought. However, before you ask how long do car tyres last, you need to have some fundamental knowledge of tyres if you own a vehicle. Every time someone mentions tyres, many questions come to mind. How long do car tyres last on average is the most important one. Please continue reading this blog as we intend to address the questions of how long do car tyres last and everything else there is to know about tyre life.

When determining how long do car tyres last, there are several causes for tyre trouble.

Following are some of the numerous causes of tyre trouble:


When you wonder how long do car tyres last for, the majority of experts would advise you that a set of tyres should last seven to eight years, with ten years being the longest that you should risk, regardless of whether the automobile has only covered a few hundred miles during that period. Tyres can be destroyed by time and sunlight in the same way as by wearing them out. Check older tyres for evidence of rubber compound cracking, and if you find any, don't even consider operating on those tyres. Tyres should be kept in a dark, excellent facility if they are intended to be stored before use for any time.


Inexpensive Tyres are only trustworthy sometimes. They will wear down more quickly and provide less grip or durability. But occasionally, the inverse is also only sometimes true. A tyre's life will decrease as its quality improves. Drivers passionate about their cars are aware of this and willing to sacrifice safety for grip and performance by using the more costly tyre longer. Tyre quality is a two-edged sword. Therefore, sustainable tyres frequently provide a different level of traction, but all other factors considered, a product with a more rigid compound should have a longer overall tyre life.


In terms of determining how long do car tyres last in Australia, it is a relatively rigorous benchmark. With fluctuating temperatures and unusually rough roads, our environments are substantially harsher than those in many other regions. Hence, car tyres wear is a significant issue in this country. The tread has passed its expiration date, and the tyre is practically and legally unroadworthy if it parallels the tread-wear indicators. It is dangerous to keep driving a vehicle when it will not pass a mobile roadworthy Brisbane inspection. Tread-wear indicators are the tiny ridges found within the tread grooves of tyres. The tyre is finished when the tread wears down to a stage where it is approximately level with the little peaks on any portion. A tyre should be replaced if it has only a small amount of tread depth left because it isn't as safe as it should be, especially in wet conditions. 


The most common mistake car owners makes is probably failing to maintain the proper tyre pressure, which should be inspected every month because tyres lose pressure even when they aren't being driven. So, when you are curious how long do car tyres last if not used very much, you should always consider this factor. If you take care of your car's tyres, they will last longer and perform better. Letting the inflation pressure reduce will cause the tread and the tyre's composition to deteriorate. Contrary to popular belief, upkeep is a more significant contributor to tyre longevity, and the answer to the issue of how long tyres should last depends on how efficiently you take care of them.


If you keep driving on a flat or even partially flat tyre, the tyre will eventually blow out. The rubber composition gets warmer until it begins to visibly degrade as the tyre's body gets increasingly hotter due to the breakage made possible by the reduced inflation pressure. Finally, the tyre is destroyed. It's game over for that tyre if the sidewall sustains harm, such as a gouge from a curb, or if its interior sustains damage. We know the interest a vehicle owner might have about how long do car tyres last, so you should be mindful of their injury. Sadly, tiny pieces of metallic material, nails, and pins that come off industrial litter our roadways, and flat tyres are standard.

How you can extend the life of your tyres

According to the approved range, your tyres should last between 10,000 and 50,000 miles. Although the lifespan of tyres is unknown, it is suggested that you replace them when they get ten years old. Despite if they seem in perfect condition, it is recommended that you return your tyres at an interval of ten years starting from the production date. Your tyres must have the most minor tread depth of 1.5 millimetres to drive on Queensland roads legally. It is a common concern to wonder how long car tyres last on average, but we are here to offer a few practical tips for extending their lifespan.

The following are the ways to extend the life of your tyres:

Operating a vehicle over the curb-

Although it could seem alluring, whenever you go over the curb and choose a shortcut, you increase the risk of damage to your tyre. You risk damaging the sidewalls of the tyres and creating cracks that will degrade as time passes.

Cautious driving-

Knowing that careful driving is the best action can help you determine how long vehicle tyres last. Controlling such driving habits is essential for the lengthy lifespan of your vehicle's tyres since quick turns, fatigue, and abrupt stops will quickly wear out your tyres. Please read our blog posted earlier about what is a roadworthy certificate in detail. Avoid gaps when you are driving on the road. If you have to travel through hazardous areas, proceed cautiously and avoid any significant holes or bumps. 

Balance of wheels-

Your wheel equilibrium affects how your vehicle handles and the projected lifespan of your tyres. The wheel adjustments will undoubtedly be of assistance to you if, as a car owner, you are concerned about how long automobile tyres endure. This should be handled by the expert who assists the customer as part of regular upkeep. If someone is concerned that their wheel balancing is off, they should bring it to a professional for a check and re-alignment. 

Tyre thread inspection-

It is crucial to regularly inspect this tyre thread to keep it safe over time. You won't have to worry about how long do car tyres last if you maintain a regular thread inspection. You can learn more about tyres from our previous post piece on how to clean car headlights if you go through it. 

Therefore, these are a few essential facts about how long do car tyres last that every car owner must know. We advise people to contact a reputable company if they have any questions regarding their tyres or how long do car tyres last on average.


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